Jully 2016 Press Statement

Summer means to get together with water:

“Indoor Pools+ Outdoor Bathrooms”

Aksesuar Design starts a new period with different solutions and brands those bring water together with life spaces:

Aksesuar Design that provides service in Azerbaijan and Iraq for 20 years and adds Turkey to its success chain by opening its first store in İstanbul-Florya with all brand family and experience recently became frequent destination of architects, designers and decoration lovers at short notice.

Aksesuar Design that has a large product range including outer space & inner space surface covers and subsidiary decorative designs at baths and kitchens particularly and global brand family creates solutions those brings life spaces together with water f in a lot of ways for summer season; two of these are quite popular for architects:

Indoor Pools- Outdoor Bathrooms

Bathroom fact that gains importance day by day becomes prominent not only with technology, function and furniture but also with contact and aura… Therefore, it is emphasized to be alone with water, to be purified, to be relaxed for current bathroom designs. You may have a great aromatherapy party or sleep at hot tub in company with classic jazz, it is up to you. Bathrooms of today are designed in a way to allow you to do this all after you close the door.

One of these methods is open-air bathrooms comes up with gaining outdoor life importance and weather to start to get hotter.

These shower systems those bring all beauty of fresh air to senses even being at lower level than lounge were liked by people who seek some exoticness and a little practical solution. Especially, it is demanded intensely for around pool. Aksesuar Design has many brand and product model in this category. On the other hand, indoor pools can be designed intended for 360 days use as both a visual feast and for sports purposes. Aksesuar Design that addresses to its customers with also surface covers here started a unique ritual with stylized indoor pools with spa atmosphere. In short; we all become a life gourmand due to these water meetings including sauna and maybe a mini Turkish bath with floor heating system that watches city view or forest through solid glass.


This architectural support that is carried out as a brand principle and offered at all Aksesuar Design stores for years continues not only before sales but also after sales as montage, application, guarantee and maintenance. A special staff and department work for this in Aksesuar Design.

Many significant brands collections such as Adex for ground and wall covers, Cerdomus, Fap Ceramiche, Fiandre, Floorgres, Grespania, Limestone, Naxos, Newker, Porcelaingres, Tonino Lamborghini, Art Ceram at bath, Azzurra, Bathco, Bertocci, Bianchini Capponi, Butech, Cappelletti, Falper, Gamadecor, Hatria, Lineag, Lineabeta, Lineatre, Margaroli, Nicol, Noken, Teuco, Treesse, Cristina, Fiorentine, Mestre, Nicolazzi, Steinberg, L’antic Colonial for natural stone and mosaic, Veromar, Gamadecor for kitchen and Inkiostro Bianco for wallpaper are put on the market on 2.000 squaremeter new showroom at Istanbul, Florya Beşyol.