August 2016 Press Statement

Move underwater beauties to living spaces!

Italian artist ALEX TURCO signed wall panels those were put up for sale at Aksesuar Design contributes visual art power into life spaces and customizing places.

Aksesuar Design that provide services in Azerbaijan and Iraq for 20 years and added Turkey to its success chain by opening its first store in Istanbul-Florya on March 2016 with all its brand family and experience recently became frequent destination of designers, architects and decoration lovers in a short time.

Aksesuar Design that has a large product range including outer space & inner space surface covers and subsidiary decorative designs at baths and kitchens particularly and global brand family offers a very special product that brings visual richness of underwater to homes.

Spectacular world of wall panels that was created by Italian artist Alex Turco through compounding different techniques makes spectacular world of the blue as a significant part of decoration.

Alex Turco who was born in 1979 in Udine, Italy is not Turkish as you predicted. His father was an artist who was great painter in his young ages, then was a great grapher and then photographer. Therefore, Alex’s sensitivity and esthetic feeling developed with passion that was transferred to him from his father. Paints and brushes became his toys, he saw every tool and method his father uses including some methods those are not applied today. He started to do weekly visits to his admired Italian famous painter Giorgio Celiberti’s workshop in this way.

Wall panels those were matched in a great way with hand-made product by compounding photograph and multimedia graphic factors by Turco who desires to take art to quite new and different points were created with this approach.

A special service for architectures and last consumers first time in Turkey

This architectural support that was offered for years at all Aksesuar Design stores and conducted as a brand principle does not only serviced before sales but also continues after sales as montage, application, guarantee and maintenance. A special staff and department work at Aksesuar Design by this reason.

Many significant brands collections such as Adex for ground and wall covers, Cerdomus, Fap Ceramiche, Fiandre, Floorgres, Grespania, Limestone, Naxos, Newker, Porcelaingres, Tonino Lamborghini, Art Ceram at bath, Azzurra, Bathco, Bertocci, Bianchini Capponi, Butech, Cappelletti, Falper, Gamadecor, Hatria, Lineag, Lineabeta, Lineatre, Margaroli, Nicol, Noken, Teuco, Treesse, Cristina, Fiorentine, Mestre, Nicolazzi, Steinberg, L’antic Colonial for natural stone and mosaic, Veromar, Gamadecor for kitchen and Inkiostro Bianco for wallpaper are put on the market on 2.000 squaremeter new showroom at Istanbul, Florya Beşyol.